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Photos from Fonds Verrettes, Haiti

I made two quick visits to Fonds Verrettes last week. It was very inspiring, as always, to meet the farmers there and hear how the community is moving forward together. Here are a couple of photos and short reflections.


Here’s where the trees go: Charcoal for sale at the Dominican border. It was sobering to see all the large  trucks coming down the mountainside filled with charcoal…

ImageYes, despite the first picture, trees in Haiti really can grow well! This man proudly showed us his very steep five acre farm, which included these trees. The trees are preventing erosion and increasing his crop yields. He was super happy to talk with us.


Free and fair elections: This savings group changed their meeting time so we could attend. They selected five new officers for the year, using pebbles to vote for their candidate. The whole process was taken very seriously, though they also had a good time.

ImageThe newly elected officers


We met this man, Monel, in the loan group. (as is often the case people take posed pictures very seriously…) When we asked him what he thought about Plant With Purpose’s work in the community, here’s how he responded:

“I am very happy that Plant With Purpose is in Fonds Verrettes. We have accomplished more in six years that we did in the previous eight years. We are grateful for your help in protecting our land. The work you have done before and after the earthquake isn’t just good- it’s wonderful! When I compare the consequences of the last two storms, I see much less damage, thanks to Plant With Purpose’s work. You have helped us learn how to make tree nurseries, composting, grafting, and working with animals. All these things have improved our economic condition. Your being here isn’t just a job, but is a calling from God, like a family, and like a medicine.”

ImageWe get to stay in the lodge in the Foret des pins above Fonds Verrettes. A very cool place to stay. One thing I learned last time I was there was that you can actually heat water in a plastic bottle right next to the fire, you just need to fill it all the way to the top.


The road in and out of Fonds Verrettes is memorable- here’s one section of it.


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New Leadership in Fonds Verrettes


Me with Edvard Joseph (left), Haiti country director Guy Parison, and a giraffe…at least I’m not the tallest one.

One of the important changes that happened this year in Fonds Verrettes was that Plant With Purpose hired a new Fonds Verrettes program coordinator, Edvard Joseph. There are 12 staff that he manages, working in 14 villages in the area.

Edvard is new to Fonds Verrettes, but not new to Plant With Purpose. He grew up working with Plant With Purpose in the Grands Collines, our largest program area in Haiti. Edvard recently finished his university agronomy studies in Port au Prince. It was really great to get to know him- Welcome Edvard! I’m in Port au Prince for another day, but will be driving back to Fonds Verrettes again tomorrow, so I’ll see Edvard again.


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