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Earth Day Milestones: 10M Trees and the Good Steward Award from the Arbor Day Foundation

Happy earth day everyone. Considering all the holidays people celebrate, it seems right that we should have a day to express our gratitude for our amazing planet and to remind each other that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.

Here’s the Earth Day announcement we sent out today at Plant With Purpose: “We’re excited to announce that Plant With Purpose has hit a huge milestone with 10 million trees having been planted internationally in the effort to reverse the effect that deforestation has on the rural poor. This couldn’t have happened without YOU!

The result of these trees going into the ground has been significant. Take for example, Charicia Exalus, a 68 year-old-widow who lives in Fonds-Verrettes, Haiti—a country where only 2 percent of the original forest remains. Thirteen years ago, the land Exalus owns was a barren hillside full of rocks and without trees. She utilized the training received from Plant With Purpose and began composting, building soil protection barriers, and planting trees.  Exalus says, “Today, I am able to give fruits (oranges, avocados) to anyone who asks. I am a widow. I live with little. But in truth, we always have something to eat that comes from my home.”

Just as exciting, Plant With Purpose will be receiving the Arbor Day Foundation’s Good Steward Award this coming weekend.

Because of Plant With Purpose’s efforts in Haiti and the additional 5 countries where we works, the Arbor Day Foundation is awarding us with the Good Steward Award on April 27 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The Good Steward Award recognizes landowners or organizations whose creativity, outlook, and accomplishments exemplify wise stewardship practices and sustainability on private land from which others can learn. Plant With Purpose’s Director of Development, Doug Satre, will be accepting the award on behalf of the thousands of farmers Plant With Purpose partners with internationally.

Doug shares, “We’re grateful to the Arbor Day Foundation for honoring Plant With Purpose with this award. It is an even greater honor to see farmers like Charicia Exalus provide for herself, her family and her community. These 10 million trees are just the start as we look forward to a future of continued growth that’s bringing healing and hope to people and the environment.”

Again, these accomplishments have only been reached because of people like you who have a heart for the environment and those who dependent on it for survival.

Happy Earth Day!”

There you have it! I’m looking forward to my first ever trip to Nebraska to meet the folks at the Arbor Day Foundation and will post again next week.


Fruit Trees in the Plant With Purpose main nursery at Grand Colline, Haiti


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