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Wild Parrots!

Today we had a flock of very noisy wild parrots in our yard. It was very exciting! I am hoping that they will become regulars in our neighborhood. Below is a description of these birds:
Green Parrots of San Diego

In San Diego’s older neighborhoods of Ocean Beach, Clairemont, Pt. Loma, Pacific Beach, Banker’s Hill, El Cajon and Lakeside, there, amongst the trees, dwell flocks of wild green parrots or Red-Crowned Amazon Parrots. There are a few other names for them including: Amazona viridigenalis, Green-Cheeked Amazon and Mexican Red-Headed Parrot.  San Diego has one of the largest populations of these playful birds.

Come early morning or evening, if you live nearby or walking through these neighborhoods, you’ll know when these loud, screeching birds perform a flyover. Traveling always in a flock or a “pandemonium,” the noisy creatures have a very distinguishable vocalization pattern.

Far from their original homes in the native tropical lowlands of Mexico, these flocks have been found in parts of Los Angeles, San Bernardino Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, San Diego County as well as other areas in the United States.

The parrots are very social. They use their calls to communicate with each other, to head off looming danger from falcons and other predatory birds.The parrots definitely announce their arrival and departure.


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