Spectacular hike through Nyakazu or “German’s Gorge” in Burundi

I had the privilege of hiking though this watershed and under this spectacular waterfall when I was in Burundi in January. Our team put the rough footage together into a three-minute video and I think it came out great! We were told we were the first people in 18 years to descend this gorge.

Even better, we just got a significant amount of the funding that we had needed to begin expanding our work in and protect this beautiful area.


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8 responses to “Spectacular hike through Nyakazu or “German’s Gorge” in Burundi

  1. The film is as beautiful as it is powerful, Doug – excellent and thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re welcome and thanks!

  3. Zara

    This video is the amazing. its so professional! It’s really hard to believe that YOU shot those clips and interviewed those people and took those pictures. The video is beautiful!

  4. Karen

    Thank you for showing God’s creations and all the help & service you give.

  5. Doug, thanks for sharing this great video . I’ll definitely add Burundi to my list of places to see. I also enjoyed your post on your Savings and Loan work in Haiti, I’ve read a lot about micro-financing in Egypt, and it’s exciting to see similar formes of credit developing all over the world.

    I came across your blog on the UCSB Alumn blogroll. I’m a recent UCSB grad and just started my own travelblog, http://www.travelgrom.com. It’s a new blog and I’m trying to get some exposure, would you mind adding me to your blogroll?


  6. What an incredible place. I imaging a safari or large dessert when I picture Africa. Lauren and I are so impressed with the mission and work of Plant with Purpose.

    • Thanks so much Brian! And thank you also for what you’re doing with the Hopelink site to highlight the work of Plant With Purpose and other organizations working to end extreme poverty. We’re really grateful.

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