New Leadership in Fonds Verrettes


Me with Edvard Joseph (left), Haiti country director Guy Parison, and a giraffe…at least I’m not the tallest one.

One of the important changes that happened this year in Fonds Verrettes was that Plant With Purpose hired a new Fonds Verrettes program coordinator, Edvard Joseph. There are 12 staff that he manages, working in 14 villages in the area.

Edvard is new to Fonds Verrettes, but not new to Plant With Purpose. He grew up working with Plant With Purpose in the Grands Collines, our largest program area in Haiti. Edvard recently finished his university agronomy studies in Port au Prince. It was really great to get to know him- Welcome Edvard! I’m in Port au Prince for another day, but will be driving back to Fonds Verrettes again tomorrow, so I’ll see Edvard again.


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2 responses to “New Leadership in Fonds Verrettes

  1. Beth Royalty

    Welcome and blessings for success, Edvard!

  2. Dan Panshin

    And I, too, will be part of the St. Clement’s group visiting Fonds-Verrettes in May. I look forward to meeting you. Every best wish!

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