Columbus Day in Mitlatongo, Oaxaca, Mexico

The New York Times has a beautiful and sad photo essay today of the disaster that has happened in Mitlatongo, where long-term deforestation has triggered a landslide that has devastated that community. I was there in March to see what Plant With Purpose is doing to help this community through it’s relocation process. The link to the photographers video with voiceover in English and Mixtec is here,, and below are a few of the pictures I took on my trip.


Slide in the center of Mitlatongo


Former cornfields near the center of town


Displaced town council, describing the slide and asking for assistance


A new cistern to provide water for the relocated community of Mitlatongo

This cistern is the first of three that Plant With Purpose built to help secure more reliable sources of water for Mitlatongo. We are also building sanitary latrines, wood saving stoves and promoting large-scale reforestation. The community has been moved from a beautiful, lush valley to a dry and barren hillside. They are truly starting over from nothing.

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